The Great 2nd October… Or A Single Day For Cleanthon…! [PART-2]

Then I gathered all my consciousness just to regain the fact that yes today is the great bapu’s (Mahatma Gandhi) birthday and there is a cleaning mission the ‘broomathon’ now my crooked mind asked me one billion dollar question so as to why the broom is the only cleaning tool? Is the dust the ultimate that needs to be shoved off the ground? Why not other rotten up stuff? Does cleaning the dust or some VIP roads or say some river banks or ghat’s would solve the purpose? Why not think about on some crucial deadline cleaning facts in a point wise manner…

1. Who will clean the rotten up brains of the people? As it is the first step of cleaning the first and foremost frontier to be cleaned is the brains of the people, it is where all the idiotic thought process gets embedded in the form of seed then gets germinated into a wholesome tree spreading its branches hither and thither thus elaborating the vicious thought process, we have to start thinking about our own progress enhance our positivity it is in the brain that every step before the action takes place, so we have to think twice before leaving every bit in the hands of ‘Nagar Nigam’ or Municipal Corporation or on Neta’s (politician) as we Indians are superb in blaming others shaking off the responsibilities from our own shoulders thus freeing ourselves but this will not help in the long run come on get up and share or rather take your own responsibility and stop blaming the government bodies.

to be continued…

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