Soldiers Behind The Wheel… Our Lifeline… Our Unstoppable Truckers…!

Recently GC took a further new step which it was thinking and nurturing from a long period of time to write a book on our loving truckers who all day night and day out they drive drive and more drive risking their lives at every turns and slopes. The Indian roads are no better than a path full of heaps and ditches, the different seasons, the festivals they all are devoid of this! Do we ever think of these people when we watch TV while nibbling a pack of chips or sipping your favourite fruit juice or eating your green salad? Have you ever wondered how it comes onto your hand from the place of manufacture? Shouldn’t we be at least for once be thankful to them for what they do to make our lives comfortable and less fussy? Have you ever had a one on one talk with these real life heroes? Do we ever imagine how their families live when they are on their way out? What all circumstances they feel or face when they are driving? What if when they fall ill when it rains heavily or when they cross the superhot deserts during the months of strong summers, when they travel northeast during torrential rains?

Please think at least once for them before going to your bed… as GC’s team has been travelling far and wide from say MP to Dehradun or Mussoorie or from MP to Kolkata even to Leh-Ladakh we have very closely seen the worst conditions of the roads which sometimes happens to be a huge swing even more so ever during the rainy season the roads are hard to find but just a huge pond filled with muddy water but yes there are roads which are as smooth as butter but then there the toll tax are rocket high, on the contrary we tend to feel relieved when we reach our destinations and enclose ourselves in huge comfortable rooms of some 3 or 5 star hotels soaking in a hot bath tub relaxing and rejuvenating but alas our truck drivers don’t get these kind of treatments which they deserve more than us! Oh where are we, many trucks don’t even have proper seats or any seatbelts sometimes an iron chair is welded unto the driver’s seat forget other safety measures and tools… GC has observed very closely all of this and we very often go and talk to these people whenever we meet them in any road side ‘dhaba’ or motel…

to be continued…

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