Soldiers Behind The Wheel… Our Lifeline… Our Unstoppable Truckers…! [PART-2]

But then before writing a book we need to have the real content from the very much real people and for that we needed to go and talk to them about all the things that they could honestly share with us to see the real depth or to get a real glimpse of their lives as GC believes in doing the real thing and not the pirated stuff as we really want to stand by the side of truckers… or the real heroes we also need to emphasize on their health as it’s a sitting job so the digestive system is under real pressure so a whole lot of gastric problems to avoid that GC is supporting them with a pouch of medicines mentioned their names with the ailment, time on time heath checkup camps organized, their legal issues as in many different states when a truck of different state enters the local laws comes into –play handcuffing them in plenty of problems, the police also harass them and many other such issues, them and their families health related policies or accident coverage policies, their families aid in case of illness, marriage etc; thus helping them with financial help, organizing get-together on festivals to rejuvenate them with the new energy to revive their vitality and to start a fresh new start again.

Please people join with us donating any used up products, clothing, etc and of course needless to say the financial part donate generously you will be ‘life member’ of GC and get a subscription of every bit that GC will do, the names of the life members will be appreciated & will be added to our ‘Life Members’ list in our website, come on you people come join hands with us to make this planet a much better place to live and thrive… Join this movement!

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