Onset Of ‘Devi Paksha’ With The Offset Of ‘Pitru Paksha’…! [PART-4]

With all the dos and don’ts GC took a different stride as well this time as well we the family of GC didn’t go for any out of this world kind of charity instead we stood with hard working people the manual driven rickshaws the very known very loving ‘RIKSHAWWALAS’… we distributed sweets and other eatable items to them along with shirts and sneakers which may be will help them for at least little comfort although the shirts and sneakers were not brand new but they will support their feet in the long way to come… we may be wrong or may be right but we as Glucose Club unit we stand with the hard workers not with few lazy heads who just ask for alms and do nothing at all on the contrary we have observed the misuse of food items by those people only and what they ask for is just money and more of it, thus hats off to the attitude of Glucose Club…

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