Are We Really Busy Or What??? [PART-4]

Is it a fashion to say yes I am very busy or when asked about on phone or in any other social media people boast off in a utter proud manner yes I was very busy or am very busy, why don’t we have the guts to say no I was busy with not doing something or I was busy in doing nothing at all or I was enjoying the idleness not just physically but mentally as well? Why people are so scared not to accept the fact of not doing anything or just enjoy the fruitfulness of doing nothing?

Why nothing as if I may to ask then also there are plenty many things you and your body does it breathes, it respires, circulation from to and from the heart is taking place the neurons exchanging sparks may be a bit slowly but for sure it does but the best part is you are breathing and living that moment. Why is it not important for many or for most of us? Why is it sin to watch the rain the droplets falling over the leaves to hear the silence of the night? It just speaks so much may be not audible to people who I sometimes wonder pretend to be really busy or have developed or inculcated the habit of describing themselves to be very busy machines and not human beings.

to be continued…

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