The Eureka Moments Of GC!

GC mainly stresses on a ‘holistic approach’ towards life and stresses a whole lot on sports and that to be taken seriously even, GC went a step forward in taking the initiation of reaching the remote villages and picking out children and teen aged boys from there who seemed to be interested in sports either in cricket or football or in any other form of sports or even why not carry an active life style throughout your life with or without any sports, GC dealt with tiny particulars to ‘sports injuries’, ‘sports psychology’, ‘the mind game’, ‘the physical and mental challenges’ regarding any sport and also to apply it even on a day to day life not just limit it to certain period of life time, the ‘diet and nutrition’ part of course not to stress on any food fad but how to get cent percent through a regular diet regiment along with a ‘chain of proper workout regiments’ dealing with ‘warm up schedules’, to ‘free hand exercises’, core exercises, weights, stretching the most essential part the ‘cool off section’ of a sport person’s body with ‘proper stretching’ and ‘cool off’ schedules while your muscles relax and breathe out which mainly people tend to neglect but that’s a very important aspect in any sportsman’s life and also tends to impart life to the muscles, ligaments, tendons of your body that avoids any further injuries, not just strenuous workout sessions it should be productive and not just a waste of time and energy both thus draining your stamina and muscles, thus pushing you towards a lifelong injury, the practice schedules should be highly productive and highly concentrated on particular zones of the particular sport, then to talk and discuss on that particular topic the plus points of the team along with the flaws, then proceed to work on it on those flaws and how to rectify and eradicate then in a step wise manner.





Variations in the workout sessions, seems to spell magic among the players, they put their full into the practice sessions… the results are ought to be fruitful then…

The tactics, the game plan all discussed in a very synchronized ways, the resting sessions followed by the yoga part to energize those tired out muscles and next day to give back more than what is expected thus avoiding the danger of chronic injuries as well.

As far as the GC’s holistic concept is concerned it educates the players to maintain a certain discipline in every aspect through their whole life to lead a productive life style throughout even when they are playing and when they are not but life must go on in a productive manner no matter what…

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