The Magic Of Soil… The Pottery…! [Part-2]

The ultimate is the only singly thing that is permanent is how temporary every bit is its now and gone in the next flush, but whatever it is the story of pottery touches me intensely as pottery and us belong to the same strata of life and our origin and ending is similar back to the soil from where we originated, but I will give few points extra to pottery over human beings as one can notice small tidbits of broken pottery may lie down hither and thither but goes imperishable for years to come that’s the reason why million of civilizations came and gone or perished but one major thing stayed buried beneath uncountable layers of soil is their earthen pottery speaking about their bygone civilizations but yes for sure no sign of any human flesh not to mention the mummies….. only the photographs of kings and queens remain to tell or narrate their stories accompanied by those poor oh no no one dare to call them poor but majestic earthen pottery.

So from next time whenever you sip a cup of tea in a ‘kulhar’ or eat ‘dahi’ from ‘mitti ki handi’ give it a second look and thought thinking that how much it has undergone to be your tea or curd bearer and for heaven’s sake please don’t perish it within moments you can plant a tiny plant in it and ornament your window sill or even fill it with some water or grains for our avian friends to relish it but please don’t throw it as it has life in it.
GC implements these advises then preaching it we very meticulously use these tiny pots for plantation, and for other decorative pieces, even by painting on them, even GC has started using earthen articles even to cook on a regular basis and even to store water the aroma it imparts is beyond any imagination and the water it cools is head on heels over any refrigeration method of cooling…

Thus from next time you use a pottery article of any kind use it with respect and remember they are the long runners who will tell our stories in the next generations or in the coming years any metallic alloy will not stay for that long but yes pottery will even with you and also after you… love them adore them, it’s our ultimate…

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