The 108 Auspicious Beads – 108 Shiv Mandir

As we cross all small stations while approaching towards Kalna it takes you to a nostalgic world all simple headed people when Guptipara comes it’s time to pull yourself towards the exit door of the compartment, as we can also gather enough knowledge in the train itself of Kalna and other adjoining areas like Nagardeep etc. Ideally a visitor to Ambika Kalna should start the temple tour by visiting the Nava Kailash Temple complex. Literally, Nava means ‘new’ and Kailash is considered to be Mount Kailash – the home of Lord Shiva. Locally these are known as 108 Shiva temples, but as per the stone inscription at the entrance of the temples, there are 109 temples. The inscription also states that the temples were constructed by the then King of Burdwan Tejchandra in the year 1809.



The construction of the temple primarily comprises of two concentric circles, the outer and the inner circle respectively. The inner circle has 34 temples with White Shiva lingams. The outer circle has 74 Shiva temples with Black and white Shiva lingams in alterative temples, the inner dome shaped structure is just so mysteriously captivating. The number 108 is very auspicious & represents the 108 beads in the rosary. Right in the middle of the inner circle there is a covered well, which is said to have been constructed with great precision.



There are many theories about why the inscription says 109 temples when there are only 108 Shiva lingams in a similar number of Aatchala temples. I have not found any of them logical, but in the outer circle, there is an Aatchala temple like structure which has no Shiva lingam and is always under lock and key. I confirmed from the caretaker that it was originally a gate which has been closed down. It seems logical as because it is in the same axis as the main gate to the premises which also looks like Aatchala. The inner circle also has two gates in Aatchala style. The premises of the temple has beautiful lawns kind of quite maintained garden with seasonal flowers but the noticeable point is that of the angles with which every pointed augmentation on top of each temple is slightly moved to a certain angle in each and everyone along with the Shivlings inside each temple is little bit in angle and no two angles are the same, may be it has got something to do with the motion of the sun, as when asked no satisfactory reply was given, the cracks and crevices are getting developed which has been taken care off by the archeological survey of India, but real hard core steps are ought to be taken to save this beautiful piece of art or otherwise we will lose it sooner or later, it’s a unique piece of art with so much geometric precision, a must visit in Kalna…

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