‘Diet’ Or ‘No Diet’… ‘Diet-In’ Or ‘Dieting’…!

Well this word ‘diet’ is so complex in itself that it’s beyond imagination that how much it holds in itself or actually do we really know the meaning of this complex word of 4 letters? Yes everyone would nod their head in consensus rhythm and saying oh what’s big in that the food we eat is ‘diet’ simple as the wink of my eye, yes it is indeed as simple as the cherry on a pastry but is it that simple or may be something more than that and what a dilemma when we say ‘diet’ it means the food on the contrary when we say we are on ‘dieting’ then does that mean we are not eating more or what? say when we dance we dance & dancing is the continuous form of that same verb then how come when ‘diet’ is the food we eat and paradoxically when we say ‘dieting’ then we are cutting on that food, or it’s a present continuous of the verb ‘diet’ & ‘dieting’ comprises of constant eating process then how can we cut short on the food part… ohk, just be with it but how about if we enter into the gastro molecular form of this syllable, and get into little complex form of this simple word.

As we all know food mainly comprises of major few zones they are the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals & vitamins along with some trace elements in minimal quantity, without which we may suffer from some deficiency diseases, or it may also effect the normal functioning of our many vital organs thus hampering our life in one way or the other.

Along the centuries it has been studied & very well accumulated fact that food or your platter is nothing but a platter full of chemicals in one form or the other or may be camouflaged in some way or the other, if we break our complex food articles into simpler forms then the required equation stands out to be some chemical formula in organic or in inorganic form, don’t you think our bodies are also a package of chemicals bonded in either covalent, ionic or co-ordinate bonds, reacting with each other sending electrical signals, charges etc, otherwise our bodies will be like an discharged battery with scanty of electrolyte unable to conduct any electricity or electrical impulse, thus the summary stands out to be diets or our bodies are but a building of complex molecular, chemical structure.

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