Irresponsible Educated Or Responsible Uneducated?

When in the age of hi-tech schooling and stuff children, their parents waiting just for the hack of an admission form then comes the face of real heroes who are not even fourteen or so but trying hard to make their ends meet and thankfully not by begging but cleaning the railway compartments in a moving train not even with a broom but just with few palm leaves tied together in the form of broom, collecting leftover, plastic articles, papers etc or by singing songs in their own maestro levels, musician being themselves by making rhythmic sounds with two tiny asbestos sheets clanking together and then after all of this asking for your favour of few pennies, in few cases people shrug their shoulders indifferently but then the filth created in the train was also by people like them, who call them to be ‘literally responsible citizens’ hardcore followers of Mr. Modi. Then the question is ‘who is educated and who is not’? Just think about it. Love these children and stand by them not for sympathy but for humanity…

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