Imprisoned By Textbooks Or School Education! [Part-7]

The whole sad saga doesn’t end here the confused states of mind moves a little further when after all the hefty certificates the person is termed unsuccessful if they are unable to hunt a job or to satisfy their needs, few currency papers, but then who cares the hobby part or the person is at all satisfied or not with all the proceedings till his/her current age which he/she started at an early age of 2 or 2.5 by then several more tagging, responsibilities takes him over, constantly he/she will be regarded hopeless till their certificates are justified, but the point is anyone worth of only that, few paper sheets will define their worth doesn’t they have the liberty to do and think what they want to, the ultimate outcome is severe depression which may even cost the life of a person if not taken seriously on time now what? every bit goes into vain, the life comes to halt, the devil of formal education grins its teeth by its success of devouring one more prey to its long list of sacrifices.

Apart from the other benefits of formal education, and those are of many kinds, in its most central and most basic premise of imparting a certain minimum amount of knowledge to those studying it, is always almost a failure. We tend to live uneducated lives in spite of our education, for education is something we pass through rather than gather.

The textbook the orthodox system carries much of the blame, although it is a result of the mental model of education and mot its cause, as the key deliverer of a certain kind of education, the textbook deadens the pursuit of knowledge and makes it a tiresome mundane chore. It converts a knowledge into the currency of a qualification and it does so by sucking the life out of the processing of seeking it out. The label of being educated is worn proudly or we adorn ourselves with the so called costume of education and that costume gets costlier with our grades higher the grade costlier the costume, and used cuttingly with respect to those that are not similarly endowed, ignoring the fact most of the said education has in fact leaked out almost immediately after being received or gathered. The hardening of education into qualification has increased its desirability while simultaneously reducing its effectiveness.

It’s high time that we know, plunder into the matter more cautiously not just doing and following the rut as everyone else is doing, we have to stand for ourselves taking a new fresh path making newer horizons, believing in ourselves which needs a lot of courage and grit but we can if we want to and be knowledgeable and educated in the real sense rather than be an uneducated scholar thus receiving, holding the knowledge in the real form in the real sense defining and redefining a new meaning of being educated and knowledgeable crossing the parameters of just textbooks, gradation, hefty bags or be in to those mundane routine of attending schools straight for eight hours at an remote end of the city, be knowledgeable in its true sense…

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