Be The Real You… Really! [Part-6]

It exhausts you… being a people pleaser is extremely exhausting as well at times even you are not in a mood to act or behave in some way or the other or may be there is some time bounding factor in there, but just to please the next person does that mean that you will go to any extent or in other words there are many factors which may govern your working and thought process but just to please someone doesn’t mean you will do it as per their requirement or mood, when you are doing it the choice should be entirely yours as well or if you try no matter how hard to accomplish that work but if you are not into mentally or physically the results are not bound to come the way you want to be, but it would exhaust you many fold even beyond your imagination the exhaustion could even reach such higher levels that you could be in some kind of physical ailment stage… so it’s better that we take our moods into consideration rather than pleasing the other person no matter what thus listen to your heart, mind and soul instead of trying head to toe in pleasing the other person no matter what thus relaxing your mind, comforting your body the bottom line don’t exhaust yourself mentally or physically to deserve those hard earned results which you deserve…

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