Imprisoned By Textbooks Or School Education! [Part-5]

The attempt is to eliminate any bias the writer might have but just focus as far as possible on what can be objectively prescribed. The language used is functional, removing it from any vestige emotion, perspective or character the dryness of the textbooks is deliberately manufactured as all could be considered juice is carefully extracted from it.

The textbooks regard language as an affliction that one must get infected by it, but the slightest residue of pleasure entirely lacks by the acquired knowledge as the outcome of possessing that textbook obsessively. The underlying worldwide view is clearly that studying is work and knowledge is pain, the textbook treats the world as a knowable place where every bit can be summed up in a series of chapters, with question at the end if each chapter, knowledge is imparted, received, studied, revised and tested but the actual application still lacks in there its only residual in paper form.

So I imagine learning as a closed system with distinct and separate boxes that do not come together as a whole, the world is presented as a collection of loosely related facts, dates, names, formulas, equations theories of some people and so on and I think few formulas and equations remain and can be regarded as in vestigial form for the entire life of that student. We rarely pause to think and rethink about the incredible conceit that textbooks carry on so casually of being able to provide a single window to a far more complex subject. Bear in mind that the idea of a subject is itself is hardly the self evident and single category it professes to be, can for instance geography be separated that cleanly from history, physics and geology and even after gulping that thick fat geography morsel do we really know the exact geographical boundaries and other related stuff on our finger tips, that’s only limited to paper material in most of the cases its even a perspective of person to person…

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