Imprisoned By Textbooks Or School Education! [Part-4]

How can you define a child by the number they score or the gradation defines their capability? Why parents burden them with their unsuccessful dreams & force upon them to achieve it head on heels no matter what? No matter what is the stake they have to behold for that but why? Why can’t we just them be what they are? Just nurture them to be real human beings letting them be what they want to be as per their choice… we have to provide them with the liability to think & do as we have to keep in mind they are separate entities & they have their own upper storey let them take the world & perceive it according to their own taste & be in harmony, in the long cumbersome process we as parents tend to forget the basic truth of life that is happiness, a fulfilling life, not just a materialistic life driven by some paper currency, we have to give them the liberty & privilege to think & do what they feel is right & which enables their imagination to fly high, high & high not just impose burden on them.

Few days back my neighbor in the aircraft was ploughing determinedly through a fat textbook with a hefty title, which has a title both simple and quite definitive-chemistry as it is quite normal with textbooks, this one too is full of some passages that are underlined, others that are meticulously highlighted and still others with scribbled notes around them, the readers lips moved as he reads quasi aloud, in an attempt to freeze the waves of transient knowledge that comes with difficulty and departs quite easily as well a textbook can be memorized, occasionally understood but can it be liked or the knowledge gained from it can ever be thoughtful found out in real form or real life or it is just limited to only the pages of textbooks. Can it ever inspire a reader to read it more until and unless it’s the deemed fixture of any institution to digest those lines and vomit it on your answer sheet to define your marks but is that knowledge really gone down in to your nerves? Can it foster an abiding curiosity in the subject it covers, and make one a seeker of knowledge?

Such questions always haunt in my mind as to what is the actual purpose of these printed lines in a particular textbook, such questions seems out of place when we talk of textbooks for clearly they are designed for, much more limited purpose, textbooks deliver knowledge in a capsule form, they present only that much information which is deemed important in an organized way, one that is amendable to being tested…

to be continued…

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