(Kal, Aaj Aur Kal) YESTERDAY, TODAY & TOMORROW…! [Part-2]

Taken up by the festive fever, all of that along with ‘MUHARRAM’ where Muslims take out procession, what a beautiful combo of Hindu & Muslims sitting together sharing food, brotherhood pledging to stand by each other.



The different hues of Muharram…. but the dilemma is the word itself ends in ‘RAM’…
Hindu & Muslim celebrations together…

But one thing is for sure just nothing has changed no matter how techno savvy we call ourselves proudly but the bottom line remains the same as it was centuries ago, the way we pray, the offerings, the musical instruments like ‘dhak, dhol’ are still running strong, the look on MA’s face sometimes calm, sometimes ferocious but basically the same, the rites & the rituals being prominently the same.

It’s just that some super techno people out of nowhere in the midst of ‘aarti’ take out their lifeline namely the mobile which is literally immobilizing their own lives just to take a selfie to upload in facebook or may be update in some app etc, but then how futile, Why can’t one meditate or concentrate for few seconds for what they have come for? Why do we want to update? Why can’t we update our thought process? That’s the only thing that have come as a curse & yes the dressing of some are real weird the million dollar question is that, why do we feel ashamed in wearing the most decent beautiful costume called ‘saree’ or some other INDIAN outfit? Why do we clad in some bloody jeans & top or something more vulgar than that? Are we ashamed to clad ourselves in ‘saree’ or feel ashamed to call ourselves INDIAN? Then why participating in it? But then that’s the personal aptitude & attitude of a person, then not to forget those cheap china made worth of just 10 rs lipstick, mascara & foundation but then who cares what we are wearing as our eye makeup why can’t we be ourselves? Then thoughtless to mention women clad in those heavy hefty necklaces dazzle enough to point out even when there is some kind of load shedding, thanks to those bling bling jewelry who makes everybody think themselves of some kind of royalty, but that dazzle should be deep within as well, but yes these things are indeed that has changed & needless to mention those high pickup motorbikes whose speed is enough to cajole the close by people, those jam-packed roads can make you wait for hours, but then that’s the power of ‘DEVI MA’ who makes us look every bit in place no matter what & everything goes on as smooth as butter for centuries to come no matter what that’s the real power of ‘DEVI MA’…

GC also actively got along with the ‘bhandara’ or distribution of food to common man the prime motto being we are all one nothing demarcates us the most religion is that of love, brotherhood, humanity & above all ‘one globe one family unit’ which GC not only believes but practices also & not just preaches, anyways the fervor of the festivity was indeed way up but GC also believes in one more potent motto & that is every day is a festival its ‘we’, we have to know how to celebrate it & celebrate the celebration of life with full thrill & vigour…



Divine beautiful sculptures along with their ‘prasad’ being distributed in make shift tents or ‘bandara’…

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