Life’s A Celebration – A Mega Carnival – Hilarious Party Time…! [Part-5]

GC always make it a point to go with these people beyond the relationship of give & take, but rather go a little further extending its hands further towards the development of their wards by benefiting them through educational aid or medical help if only we could make a speck of difference in their lives would be worth it again cherishing the feeling of ‘One Globe One Family’ principle.

Celebrations could and very well begin with them and go on for your entire life..


One more partying with a difference could be with a pack of ants just sprinkle edible stuff just a tiny bit or may be a crystal or two of sugar besides you & you will observe within moments with in lightning speed ants will encircle you as if you are very much a part & parcel of their party, or may be if you have open space or in a garden sprinkle few grains as if throwing a party for the birds within no time you will a part of chirping birds flying hither & thither with joy in the mean time sharing as well this similar thing could be applied for many such things, you are above all always free to enjoy a moonlit party encircled by a cluster of stars being your best buddies, wind playing the role of DJ even the free flowing river could be an orchestrated musician & if its day time all the insects, birds, animals etc could be your friends playing the soulful music, just try it once, it’s a party never to be forgotten in your life time & ofcourse party with yourself, all your internal & external organs being your friends the breath being the music of your life, or may be during any occasion if we happen to visit any orphanage or old age home or day care centre nothing like it the smile which you will impart on their faces ofcourse a selfless one would be beyond any comparison…

The beauty is to party with a difference, feeling always encircled with known people may be they were unknown once but with a smile we can conquer the world, so just smile & feel the magic… enlightening the spark in your eyes, arms open to hug & hold someone in need, then you will feel the difference…

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