Be Rustic & Feel Rustic – The Elegant Life Of Santiniketan In Bolpur, West Bengal!

Recently GC with its team visited Bolpur in its pristine atmosphere, the air laden purely with the aroma & aura of the teachings & songs of Shri Rabindranath Tagore or as lovingly called as Robithakur by the locals & also by people who find him to be their guiding life line & mentor, the area is so serene, quite peaceful but yes for sure silence speaks volumes, the air, the trees, the dust particles, each & every bit is carrying the warmth of Thakur ji as if he is somewhere here only close by, the teaching methods, the freedom that was imparted to the students, the warmth, the enriched literature loathed with pure resonating songs, dances ,theatrical moves on those songs, the dance dramas, the rich poetry, just everything is closely hugging nature in each and every composition nature playing an important role & the governing element with whom GC finds a strong set of resemblance, the close proximity with nature, GC’s teaching techniques, yes what better way to find resemblance with such a laureate.

The legend poised with such immortal grace & dignity…

The Villa where he has spent his childhood, the ‘Vishwa Vidalaya’, the parks, the grounds where he moved or loitered is so very living, the rooms, the walls, the pillars are so very impregnated with his presence is just hard to feel or deny, he is everywhere enveloping us, the rooms adorned with photographs depicting his different life stages, also his family members, kith & kin, it all takes us to a different world as if we are venturing in a time machine…

The different memorabilia of his era & still workable & very much living…


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