The Unbeatable United Outlook

Ever since the very day I knew that the king of blues and I share the same birth date that is 26TH of JANUARY, I undoubtedly felt a close affinity for this man and in the long run the keen observation has drawn conclusion that me and him share the similar kind of attitude and the way we deal and take our lives in the course of long run and most importantly that never give up kind of an attitude and that makes us so different and imparts the courage to raise our voices and stand apart from the crowd no matter what and have our own signature style may it be the bitter straight forwardness, the crisp bone chilling revelations, the don’t care attitude and make our own path or rather pave our own way through enormous stormy pathway but yes don’t leave that never say ‘NO ATTITUDE’ or never give up way of our life styles which imparts a way different flavor to us…….but anyways to continue with the saga of Jose Mourinho there has been a lot of topsy-turvy jerks in the outfield of this man as well but he has the inevitable flaw of coming out as a winning messiah all the time….

“Omelettes, eggs.

No eggs, no omlettes.

And it depends on the quality of the eggs in the super market….some are more expensive than others and some give you better omlettes” – Jose Mourinho on transfer dealings…..

From these words itself one can conjure the perfect simplicity and to the point approach of this man towards life to spice it up the sense of humour does the rest of the job…

to be continued…

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