The Unbeatable United Outlook [Part-4]

In many ways as this 53 year old Portuguese embarked on his mission with Manchester United, hesitated that his new squad has to forget the past three years, which is somewhat similar to ALEX FERGUSON. To the neutrals MOURINHO is now the reason to spew more venom on United, more or less like FERGUSON was for over two decades, the so called ‘AURA AND ATTITUDE’.

The tint is so often a driving force not just in the football arena or in the footballing world where the likes of CRISTIANO RONALDO, ERIC CANTONA and MARCO MATERAZZI thrive on it.

On the stages of comparisons as the Brazilians are better known for their flair in the arena of football as same as the West Indians in case of cricket are loved for their flair and sportsmanship spirit in the true sense on the contrary since ages the Australians on the other hand in the field of cricket are evil named for their bad spirited game plan in the field or since ages the Australian cricket team has reviled for sledging in route to success.
MUHAMMAD ALI trash talked his way to the top of the boxing world all those years ago in such a manner that would frustrate his critics. MMA’s CONOR MC GREGOR, whose nauseating charm has many pinning for his down fall, always lives to fight another day.

Indeed needless to focus on the point that great champions are rarely low key. They are also incredibly hard working and the swagger is often just them blowing off steam.

To all those United supporters out there MOURINHO is the IRON MAN who in his own words, gives everything and more to win as he soaks in the mystique and romance of the red bricked, rain kissed Manchester, something that his illustrious colleague FERGUSON did on course to capture and write on to its name a total of 38 titles in the span of 26 years.

To the rivals he will be seen as…

to be continued…

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