The Unbeatable United Outlook [Part-2]

Former Manchester united manager Sir Alex Ferguson wrote in his latest book leading which offers you an insight into a coaching carrier that spanned an enormous four decades in two countries, wrote about how a young Jose Mourinho entered English football and immediately had Chelsea’s players in his fist making them believe that he is a messiah…..the Portuguese had that uncanny feeling of winning and always stressed on the tenacity of his colleagues and single minded straight faced focus on winning…. Who broke the English Premier League duopoly in 2004-2005 before going ahead on to becoming a super coach like what he himself is today after trophy filled trysts with Inter Milan in Italy and Spanish giants Real Madrid.

The stench stubbornness, the determined manner go getter die hard attitude, has scratched out victories and draws, the success Mourinho achieved in his first season at Chelsea was mainly due to this attributes, his unbeatable great leadership qualities or say he is a great leader and a spectacular manager who has achieved major triumphs in four countries, it’s hard to think of anyone else who has done anything like that.

to be continued…

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