‘THE RED CELL’ – A project towards eradicating/improving the life styles of people suffering from Thalassemia…

As the name suggests very aptly this new domain and concern of GC is about the red blood corpuscles, or the red blood pigment the hemoglobin part, the oxygen carrier and the circulatory system of our bodies and any minor or major disruption on its way could lead to a huge malfunction in the body namely THE THALASSEMIA which could be primarily divided into two groups namely major/minor.

GC is lending out supporting hands to these people who are suffering from this silent killer disease by family group support system, through group discussions, counseling, providing aid for medications and most importantly generating a constant supply of blood for time on time blood transfusions which is very mandatory for the person suffering from that…, by arranging volunteers and arranging blood donation camps, educating people about not high food fad concept but about a very pocket friendly balanced diet for a healthy well being of that person and to reconstruct a healthy life style through different yoga’s and other forms as it is a life style modification disease also and above all educating people through different camps about the family checkups and checkups before any marital courtship of both the genders as if to know the grade of the disease if any like minor/major or carrier and accordingly as suggested by experts.

What we are striving for is to atleast extend a hand to impart a healthy and fulfilling normal life to an affected person and stand by them in their smiles and sorrows.

Please donate generously an appeal from GC either by funding or by donating your own RED CELL your own blood for the well being of an another individual thus extending your family and believing in ‘One Family One Globe’ concept of GC.

For funding or donating blood please contact us for further details on our website and keep yourself updated with the dates and venues of these upcoming blood donation camps and other co related activities.

Without a second thought come join hands with GC in our fresh project of THE RED CELL…

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