Enough is enough

Say no to injustice in any form or in any way, there are millions of women who have faced some form of humiliation or injustice done on to them in one form or the other and on the contrary they are left unreported by family and social pressures, which strengthens the malpractices of those people who are the miscreants again if not you then someone else but yes the hunt goes on for those vampires ready to do some evil again to someone innocent and the move freely in the open air.

This time GC is again into a fresh newer venture to stand with these destitute people and serving them with justice whether they need financial aid, judicial help in the form of consultation or to lodge and fight for a particular case all the girls, children, women in need just anyone could come and ask for help GC would surely stand for it that’s the pledge of GC to counterattack those who have done wrong to you, so don’t hesitate and join hands with GC and send those evil minded people behind the bars and stand and safeguard your own self esteem as a girl/women has all the rights to stand erect and fight for justice and their equal rights in the society.

Stop hesitating and come forward with your head held high and stand face on face to see the real you and show the real face of the culprit to this world and their families.

A plea from GC any person related to judicial background, mentor/counselor ready for voluntary services to the needy will be highly praised. If so contact us at –

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