We! [Part-2]

The boys are indeed very enthusiastic about the whole regime and program after proper guidance they will go for friendly matches and then the journey will carry forward… GC will try its utmost to provide with the facilities and infrastructure that they require.

The children of ‘WE’ waiting for their turn to get some eatables.
Lined up for national anthem.

Next a drawing competition in the oncoming days will be organized and from there on they will be exhibited and draw their attention in public in the form of cards, to be circulated in different government offices, all the process and steps taken would be for the benefit of the children of ‘WE’.

Warm up sessions before the friendly football match.

May all mighty be with GC and guide its path through all the hardships which GC may have to face, but no matter what GC’s target is fixed and its volunteers knows how to make those obstacles turn around and stand by the side of GC, just nothing can stop GC from its hard core commitment and our strength is ‘WE’, our strength is our gritty commitment to ourselves to soar high in the sky but with a edge… making a new horizon of newer vibgyor shades no matter what…

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