Train The Trainers Way… The GC’s Way To Success! [Part-2]

The crucial line is also that there’s no short cut to success or so as to say you cannot be served always in a silver platter if you don’t deserve it rightfully, you can’t buy success but you have to earn it.


Thus GC always perpetually stresses on the hard work and strenuous training session to its core levels so as to no matter what we will leave no stone unturned in the ground or in some other field, that training part should always be in one’s mind that we have done such hard work to reach here just can’t let it go so easily that should be the grit.


Here are a few shots of GC’s workout sessions with the cadets of different sports out of them many have already gone for different sports at state levels and in national teams may they reach high and soar high in the sky. God bless them all from whole family of GC may they succeed and achieve in life what they have desired for but above all be a complete good human being but whatever you do it whole heartedly then the results are compulsively bound to come nothing can stop you from being successful, remember if you pretend you will suffer and you will be fraud and fake to yourself first of all the results and consequences is you to suffer but then it would be too late to revive, thus GC’s advice be honest and first of all to yourself and prioritise your life, be honest in whatever you do respecting your self esteem and don’t estimate or calculate success with money, it’s an eternal feeling just cherish it.

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