What…?! Facebook or Fake Book?

GC (Glucose Club) itself and GC’s trustworthy volunteers has recently discovered the busyness of people, crossing the railway barriers, reckless overtaking and driving, no time for the real people or even don’t know your neighbors or even the close kith and kin are even tired of a hello over phone, lack of patience and perfection less job profiles then the obvious question arises where on earth are we busy oh sorry except the GC people rest of the world or may be a major portion of the population especially we Indians are really may be infinite times really busy in the world of Facebook and Whatsapp, people of different parts of the world are also into this futile stuff but they do it kind of constructively even and makes sense to that time which is spend over those gadgets over this futile stuff but we Indians are literally head on heels into this and will leave no stone unturned to reply on chat and share all that which is but not the truth a bit but indeed a whole bunch of lies not even close to their profiles or either life style.

The story doesn’t stop here itself but goes to the extent that we don’t even know our next door neighbors and even don’t even smile at them or even smile facing a small kid, don’t even wish or say a smiley hello when we pass someone we know or even give a helping hand if we pass an accident site for the scary part of being involved in a police case or even forget to wish someone very close to us on their special days and multimillion example can be seen like this on a day to day basis.

But yes no matter what there are people who all without a mistake regularly deliver a good morning message with a rose or something like that on their walls oh viola, how regular and caring they are I wonder, the feel good messages and asking about others health who has posted that he/she is unwell ,……..

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