Another Successful Story [Part-2]

Then GC (Glucose Club) also introduced latest updates on sports medicines and related sports injuries, the psychological aspect pertaining to any sports and how to cope up with the different bullying methods and of course the diet and nutrition program.


The different groups seniors and mid seniors were catered separately catering all their queries and the rectification part as well, the life support mechanism as GC always supports a holistic approach towards life and take an individual as an individual not as a sports person or engineer or a scientist, thus GC even discussed on the posture part and general presentation of an individual as its very important that you present yourself no matter what you are or what and where from your belongings are what is more important is what you are and how you perceive the world.


The do’s and don’ts regarding any sports were discussed but above all the major thought process of GC is and was even propagated to the children and seniors that to be happy and successful not just monetary wise but as a person and as a whole entity.

Parents also discussed their problems regarding their health and general diet and nutrition programs were discussed and the workout regime of day to day life.

In a nut shell it was a grand success story if only GC could make a pinpoint of a difference in any individual’s life it’s worth it.

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