Gorge & Snack But When & What? [Part-6]

8. MAKE FIBRE A PRIORITY – Fibres are considered as the magic threads and mops your digestive tracts of all toxicity and unwanted stuff, thus helps in keeping the things move easily through the digestive tract and keep it free from toxic and unwanted material thus benefitting your whole health. Fibres found in whole grains like wheat, barley, oats, rice or unpolished brown rice, fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils are rich source of this magic strand called as dietary Fibres, remember the grain Fibres has different nutritional benefits than fruits and vegetables so you need both as Fibres are tremendously filling as well and our bodies does not have any enzymes to break it down further.

9. LIMIT YOUR NIGHT TIME NOSHING – At night and after dinner the best way to tell you and ultimately your brain that the kitchen has been closed for the night and brush your teeth, rinse with some special strong pungent mouth wash, this will tend to divert your taste buds from eating at night thus you will want to eat less with a newly cleaned mouth, if a craving hits give yourself 10 minutes and wait, and if you still really feel hungry, reach for a cup of milk, yogurt if it suits you at that time of the day and even the weather if permits or may be a piece of fruit. Always sit down and formalize your eating with a lot of elaboration and exaggeration of utensils, cutlery napkins, etc, just to utilize and concentrate your brain on other things as well rather than just sitting and gorging on that only thing the food, try to eat from a plate even if it’s just a snack then your brain gets the idea of the quantity when the food is displayed properly, eat after you enjoy the food through your sense organs by smelling, visualizing biting and chewing properly and feeling it relishing the taste of each and every morsel then you will tend to eat less as a false concept goes to your brain that you are eating from a long time and too much as well because you are chewing the food properly thus brain gets bored and you will tend to eat less so don’t hover…

to be continued…

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