Gorge & Snack But When & What? [Part-4]

4. RISKS NOT WORTH TAKING – For a quickie health makeover or health fix don’t hunt for instant magic’s, short term promises, crash diet plans, or any other short cut and don’t make empty promises to yourself first at the very first stage use your conscious brain power to check and cross check the promises and how much of it can be fulfilled in the long run.

High protein diets like in the previous days was named as ATKINS DIET claim that you will lose pounds miraculously and reduce even the risk of heart diseases but the truth lies in that those proteins, would even turn into compact form of calories of high energy packets, or in other words the fat comes from too many calories not from too many carbohydrates your body doesn’t know what’s that protein, carbohydrate fat or minerals it would just intake that what’s been fed to it and the rest will be thrown out of the body may it be in any form, body does not or not even love to keep or deposit anything extra but it’s us who compel it to do so eventually we ourselves are harming our own bodies. People from starved regions/states experience problems with brain functions.

In the same way a high protein diet could also overwork those kidneys, thus don’t push your body to any ultimate risk involving factor just listen to its whispers and you will know what it needs when, how and where, just love and pamper your body as you have never done before.

5. INCLUDE DIETARY FATS – Deficiency in essential fatty acids may lead to another trouble and that is your body might not absorb those fatty acids and vitamins which are fat soluble and may lead to different deficiency diseases thus dietary fat has to be present in ones diet. Even your heart is protected by the aid of certain fats which are unsaturated by nature and reduce type 2 diabetes risks as well. The bottom line is we have to monitor our calorie count just no matter from where its coming and have to channelize it in burning and consuming never ever do the mistake of thinking that foods that are low or no fat foods are always low in calories at the end of the day what really matters is your calorie count and how you utilize it.

to be continued…

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