Why Oxygen Is So Vital?

The most vital nutrient for our cells is Oxygen, which is the building blocks of our bodies. It is essential for the integrity of the brain, nerves, glands and all other internal organs, but brain needs oxygen at the utmost without its proper supply it will degrade and also have degrading impact on all other vital organs and would even cause mental sluggishness, fatigue, dizziness, negative thoughts, depression and eventually poor coordination with different parts may also result in vision and hearing decline.

The quintessential while standing, sitting or say doing anything in the day or even working out the most crucial part is breathing to enhance the performance, stamina, with a better level of concentration it is thus advised to take vigorous walks in the fresh crisp morning breeze and especially in abundance of trees, if physical health permits must go for slow jogs or running to gift our precious lungs and heart with plentiful of fresh oxygen, which will enable to eradicate carbon dioxide from our bodies thus removing the toxic elements as well.

Sedentary people should also follow the right techniques of breathing and can perform certain yogic asanas while in their desk at office, thus purifying the blood stream and replenishing the entire systems with fresh oxygen and flushing out the toxicity thus building up a strong immune system, must keep in mind we get our maximum energy not from food but the oxygen we breathe and how we breathe to render us a strong and healthy life worth living for.

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