The Green Revolution!

Nowadays the nature conservationist and all are just after planting more trees to save the forests, the ultimate canopy of mother nature. The crux of the matter is that why just few people must take a step, is it not the first and foremost priority of every human being to save and love the place where a person lives and grows.

What it takes to make our environment more fresh and green nothing just nothing, no multimillion sanctioned from the government sectors which is more misused rather than used, just nothing at all just to trigger our conscious minds and take some small but crucial steps to replenish the green carpet and thus even solving all other related problems like less and untimely rains, floods, soil erosion, drought, and plenty more, in a way by helping replenish nature we will help our breed the HOMOSAPIENS means us to live a more contented disease free life and a beautiful future for the coming generations.

To start with the fruits which we eat just collect their seeds disperse it in soil any place close to you and just water it frequently, the saplings will come and grow out to be huge trees just a matter of few minutes to do this, just make it a habit to throw the seeds in some favourable area where it can germinate without any conscious effort we will grow greenery around us to give you immense soulful satisfaction, it will be your best friends after few years and gift you with fresh flowers and fruits but give the precious oxygen and avoid the excuse that we don’t have time, just spare few moments from your techno-world and save the real world for our own multidimensional benefits.

Trees and plants which grow through vegetative propagation can be planted by just taking a branch from a full grown healthy tree and planting it else where thus increasing their number. In this way we will do our jobs responsibly by saving even the DNA and other genetic information for we must remember always we will not be there forever but trees and nature will so we can also be immortal through them and cherish the smiles in their buds and flowers amidst of the vibgyor array of colours.

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