Food and Nutrition – Vital For Living!

Food and nutrition are vital for living. The tragedy is that ample of ignorance is involved into this even the so-called ‘EDUCATED’ people don’t do conscious eating rather people living in villages atleast eat what comes straight from nature but not adulterated with lots of preservatives or additives added to it to enhance its taste.

So we have to be conscious about what we eat and ask ourselves do we really need it and how are we going to burn its calories that’s the calorie management programme. That should be in one’s mind not just imposed forcefully. It’s up to us who has to control and monitor our cravings and keep a check on what we eating and how we are burning it even.


We have to intake a well-balanced, nutritious food along with it not to forget the delicious part then we will attain the ultimate optimum fitness level. It’s not that we have to deprive ourselves of eating what we want to and give a simple absurd reason that we have got one life to live and enjoy. Yes we have single life but does not mean we will make our life slave under the dominating fist of food, we have to eat everything may it be junk, only thing is we have to balance everything and eat in moderation and enjoy the life to its maximum.

To keep our bodies in optimum functioning level our food should have all the basic components and nutrients in it, and also monitor that all the nutrition macro or micro are obtained from the food elements and avoid abusing our internal systems by eating the wrong food elements causing excessive toxic and free radicals to overpower our bodies.

Thus eat healthy and be healthy because what you eat is what you are.

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