Health & Diet – A Major Factor!

Towards a more intricate web of health and diet it goes hand in hand both stand balancing each other, the way and what we eat comes up directly or indirectly on our health.

To start with we should monitor the platter whatever content we are going to eat and how much calories it will impart to our body and how that will be assimilated and consumed by our bodies and more importantly we always have to ask ourselves do we really need these calories, if we are convinced then only we should consume it.

As the chart describes the basic outline of diet, it could be very easily understood by macro and micro diet and nutrients and other major components of the diet.

A balanced diet is the key to good health and to run a healthy lifestyle, it should be a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Just a conscious eating can define whether we are eating right or wrong and the layout result will be before us within a short period of time.

Diet and the amount of calories required by any body also varies it may vary tremendously depending on various circumstances like height /weight ratio, body framework, age group, lifestyle from sedentary to moderate to hectic lifestyle, BMR body metabolic rate, body metabolic index BMI. etc.

These are the major deciding factors but there are few minor conditions also like weather, climatic conditions, physical state or recovering from any illness, pregnancy stage, growing phase of children, mental or mood swings, etc.

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