Happiness – The Soulful Mantra To Good Life

Actually what is in the state of being happy, how a person defines it varies from person to person. It’s in the manner a person perceives. It may range from mere materialistic things to a simple ray of sunshine or a chirp of a bird which we always take it for granted. But all precious things come for free which we tend to take it for granted and remain unhappy.

We should priortise things in our lives then we have a clarified mindset about what we want and what we dont then accordingly go ahead to achieve them in a step wise manner and then enjoy and cherish that achievement too.

A kid like temperament should be the monitor of our lives then we know how to enjoy the simpler but precious moments and relive them. It might be blooming flower in the morning, birds chirping, rustling leaves, golden yellow sunshine, droplets of rain, dew drops on fresh green grass or on the fine pine tips or on pokey bamboo leaves like diamonds sparkling in all its magnificent hue.

The different patterns created by the majestic clouds depicting mysterious scapes you imagine it and search in the sky and you have it there. The ripples made by the wind in river water the gushing winds whispering a love quote in our ears. The naughty mystique moon playing hide and seek amidst of the majestic clouds but again and again peeping out of the blanket of clouds with an announcement that yes moon wins again in its race between moon and clouds.

The immense joyous moments when a gush of fresh air fills the lungs with a rich heart fulfilling fragrance of lilies, jasmines tube lilies, etc. All but white gleaming in the mesmerising silvery white glow of moonlight creating a fairytale atmosphere. The smile of the crimson yellow sunflower taunting with its beauty and playing with the sun.

The toucy sensuous feeling of touch me not plant or Mimosa pudica the botanical name, the captivating shades of sun before it bids goodbye to end one day and for the onset of another day. The fresh leaves of small tiny saplings, the tiny branches of would be huge tree all but all comes for free and yes not to mention the countless stars embedded as uncut diamonds on a huge jet black carpet all but sparkling with their infinite sparkle.

All this are matchless and above all we get them and much more for free. But may be we are not aware of it and simply we waste our energies and time on such useless stuff the so called worldly possessions or materialistic things. We should have them to run a satisfactory life but it should not be the pivot of our life and only motto to run the saga called life.

The crucial thing is to enjoy the small simpler amenities and tune the life in accordance with nature and be satiated with what we have so its very easy to be happy and relax our facial muscles rather than frown and feel down for what we don’t have so its better to enjoy the ample gifts gifted to us by nature and be happy.

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