Conservation of Our Natural Gifts Given By Nature!

Right now its rainy season in India and other Asian Countries but the major thought process here is to harvest or conserve rainwater and leave no stone unturned to save this precious liquid more precious than any other worldly possessions because water is the most vital thing, our body has a major water content also, so we need to cater this problem before its too late and save it for our better future as every activity dwells with water everybit is intermingled irrigation, cattle n our day to day work involves water so its scarcity could be beyond measurable hazards.

If we think and act consciously we can measure how much water we waste in a day to day manne, like basic domestic chores, car washing, kitchens outpours, toilet flushes, washing machines etc.

The magnum huge 5star, 7star hotels should also think seriously about water management and ways to recycle it in other forms like in gardens and lawns etc or recycle it after filtering it.

Water from kitchen like after vegetable or fruits washing can be reused in gardens, rinsing clothes can be done manually which will give us dual benefits it will burn extra calories with a nice workout of our limbs and tighten our abdomen as well, then that water can be flushed in toilets or for other cleaning purposes or just mixing it with a pinch of alum it will deposit the impurity at the bottom then rest of the water could be used in our gardens.

The heavy downpour should be channelized in to our water storage or reservoir or as people have boring instead of let it drain in to the gutters for no good reason at all, thus we can make our habitat into a much more happy and satisfactory place to live and thrive for.

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