Body language & It’s Importance!

Body language is a very intricate and a vast diversified subject to be considered with much attention because any attire will look good only if the hanger is straight and smart.

It’s not just about looking and feeling good. The body postures effects a whole lot internally as well for instance if a person always stoops while standing or walking individual will not get full result out of it. He will feel tired fast. It is because when a person stoops the digestive organs and the rib cage are under pressure.

The inhalation and exhale process gets disturbed resulting in fatigue and deposition of lactic acid in between the muscles. It may cause muscle fatigue, weak tendons and ligaments. It may cause wrong weight distribution on legs and henceforth knees gets affected and ultimately toes and ankles ache with a permanent knee injury. It hampers digestion, weakens the backbone, resulting in pain or stiffness in the neck region.

This was a layout of the posture part along with it different eye and hands movements. And gestures adds to this diversified layout the way a person sits, stands or walks or even talks speaks volumes about an individual that adds on to their profile in a negative way.

So in other words all these has to be rectified to push our bodies to its maximum and bring out the ultimate but the best and feel confident with a flavour of positive vibes and winner attitude by rectifying all this small flaws regarding postural dysfunctions and disorders by practice n precision.

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